Fee Schedule

All services provided in South Dakota are taxed at 6.5%.
Services provided outside of South Dakota will be taxed according to their specific state’s tax rate.


Appraiser’s Rate Per Hour

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$75.00 per hour

This rate includes on-site inspection, data collection, report writing, research, travel time that does not require lodging, and administrative and clerical fees within Minnehana and Lincoln Counties.

Consultation Fee


$150 will be collected at primary consultation

This set amount will be deducted from the final invoice as two hours of work. This is a good faith, non-refundable security of services.


Travel Rate


When overnight lodging and meals are necessary because of the distance traveled, those rates will apply to the final invoice.

Travel expenses will be calculated and reviewed by the client before travel commences.

Short/Memo Style Appraisal


$75 per item

This type of appraisal would pertain to personal interest and general inquiries.


Rush Rate

10% in addition to the final invoice.

This rate will be determined based on quantity of items to be appraised and client’s delivery.